Oakland Gems

Oakland Gems

May, 30 2016
by Lindsay Olson
Lindsay Olson, aka The Urbanist, was born and raised in Oakland, CA, where Esqueleto’s flagship opened in 2011. Though she’s lived all over the place, from rural Ohio to Brooklyn to Buenos Aires, Oakland always managed to draw her back. Here are five of her favorite local spots. Lake Merritt Fun fact: Lake Merritt, technically a tidal lagoon, is the United States’ first official wildlife refuge. It’s....
Jeanette & Mikey


Jeanette & Mikey

Jeanette's energy left a really good impression on our Oakland store manager, Danica, and ESQUELETO founder Lauren Wolf over the past few weeks as she chose her engagement ring. She ended up with such a beautiful piece by Rebecca Overmann which seemed to suit her perfectly. The whole experience was really sweet so I asked her to share a little bit of her story in our blog: Kayla: How did you meet Mikey, your fiancé?....
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