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PEGGY CROVETTO // new work

February 5th - March 30th

Peggy Crovetto is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Oakland, California. Originally from Ventura, with a seven year detour in South Lake Tahoe, she spent most of her life in California breathing in salty beaches and warm rays from the sun (tubuler, man). Peggy moved to Oakland in 2006 to attend California College of the Arts and emerged victorious with a degree in Photography in 2010. Reaching into the vault of agony that is human life, Peggy is able to draw upon past experiences and apply them to paper in a manner that is intrinsically meditative, not unlike the tedious yet exhilarating process of weaving. Individual threads of gold paint are painstakingly applied in an impossible pattern that is organic in nature that takes on a life of its own. The end result is a pull between positive and negative space; an imaginary setting that evokes silhouettes of landscapes or monsters.

Works on view at Esqueleto Oakland at 482 A 49TH St, Oakland, CA