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  • Adeline

    Handmade jewelry designed and crafted in Oakland, California by Lindsay Olson.

  • AESA



  • AILI

    AILI Jewelry, is handmade by Monica Ruzansky in her Brooklyn studio. 
    As a professional photographer herself, light has always been an essential medium in her work and it is also the inspiration for AILI (meaning 'light' in Gaelic), which was born as an ode to this primary source of energy and life. Observing light in different situations and through the contemplation of nature, Monica explores ways to materialize and interpret beauty.

  • Amali

    Drawing inspiration from the natural landscapes and vibrant textiles that colored her travels, Sara Freedenfeld set out to create a line of jewelry that delicately unites the natural simplicity of handcrafted artistry with the sophistication and glamour of high fashion. 

  • Anthony Lent

    Anthony Lent has been handcrafting fine jewelry for women and men for almost fifty years. Our collections are based on the sculptural creations of master goldsmith and jewelry designer, Tony Lent. He has dedicated his life to the painstaking transformation of visionary images into intricate pieces of wearable art that are among the most detailed and conceptually profound works of jewelry being made today.

  • Bisa Orest

    Bisa Orest is created by designer Jovana Djuric in memory of her grandmother, BisaBisa embodies for all the values Jovana hopes to immortalize in her collection: strength, endurance and female power. Trained in traditional sculpture at the University of Art in Belgrade and jewelry techniques at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Serbian-born Jovana now resides and crafts her jewelry in New York City.

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  • Bliss Lau

    Half Chinese and half American Bliss Lau’s internalized combination of two cultures manifests itself in each concept, thought, and creation in her collection. Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and educated in New York City at Parsons School of Design, her first collection was a group of leather handbags all patterned after the outline of an eye. Four years later, in her exploration of the manipulation of form, Bliss transformed her collection to the trademark body jewelry of today, using chains as lines to draw on the body.

  • Carrie Vawter

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  • Cat Bates

    My name is Cat Bates.

    I spent my early childhood, and summers through grade school, on Monhegan Island off of the Maine coast.  I remain strongly influenced by the island's nautical history, rugged landscape, and the resourcefulness and hard work that one needs to live there year-round.  For an extended biography, please click here.  

  • Celine D’aoust

    Belgian designer Celine D’aoust draws inspiration from nature and the symbolic meaning associated with precious and semi-precious stones. She unveiled her signature collection in 2009, and currently travels between her studio in Brussels and Jaipur, India to select the stones that will guide her creative process. Her work often draws on organic forms, while celebrating the unique beauty of each individual stone she uses. 

  • Daisy San Luis

    Raised on beaches in Hawaii, San Diego and the Philippines, much of her inspiration comes from the nature she was surrounded with.

    She is moved by ancient cultures, islands, oceans, ink, her deep rooted faith and the intricacies of works done and made with hands.

    Daisy currently lives and pursues her love for metalsmithing in San Francisco.


    The husband and wife team began to create together after relocating from the California coast to the high plains desert of Trans-Pecos in 2003. Influenced both by the materials and simplicity of living in the desert and their background of coastal living, the duo created Garza Marfa - a line rooted in the juxtaposition of the modern American West with the effortlessness of the West Coast.

  • Ghost Dancer

    Rhiannon Griego is the designer behind all Ghost Dancer collections, from exquisitely beaded jewelry to woven necklaces and garments. Her practice as an artist constantly navigates the tenuous boundary between the present moment and the ancient past, between innovation and sacred tradition, between matter and spirit. Griego’s artistic journey began with intricate beading, inspired and influenced by the traditions of indigenous relics and ceremonial regalia of all First Nation's peoples.  These traditional styles have served as guides and jumping-off points, allowing Griego’s own sense of ceremony and sacred adornment to blossom through her designs. 

  • Jennie Kwon

    L.A. native Jennie Kwon launched her namesake line after the birth of her twins, inspired by their perfect innocence and beauty. Her designs reflect the art, natural beauty and southern California style that surround her daily. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to be graceful, balanced and wearable. All of Jennie’s pieces are meticulously made by hand in her Los Angeles studio from the finest materials.

  • Job & Boss

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  • Karen Karch

    Karen Karch is a fine jewelry designer out of NYC who has been stretching the boundaries of bridal design for 25+ years.  Her work is “Of-the-moment yet everlasting, Karen Karch’s sensibility is inspired by contradiction: glamorous & gritty, feminine & masculine, opulent & restrained.” 

  • Katrina LaPenne

    In January of 2011, designer Katrina LaPenne left her five-year career with the renowned Manhattan goldsmiths Reinstein Ross to follow her dream of launching her own namesake brand. The company would not only be built on her incredible foundation as a studied jeweler, but would maintain her strong ideals as a designer – she would develop one of a kind pieces that were built completely from scratch, creating each and every detail by hand and offering her customers true collection pieces that would always come from the work of Katrina LaPenne.

  • Kaylin Hertel

    Kaylin adorns the body as a metalsmith, appreciating the challenges that the body imposes and seeking to provoke a new perception of its features. Her feminine and bold pieces are created using traditional metalsmithing techniques, held to the highest standards of innovation, design and craft. A Kansas City native, Kaylin now produces her eponymous line out of her Los Angeles studio.

  • Kimberlin Brown

    Kimberlin Brown is a fine jeweler with a reverence for natural aesthetics, gravitating toward the beauty in rare gemstones and pearls. Chelsea Girl, NYC.

  • Lauren Wolf Jewelry

    Lauren Wolf studied jewelry design in the mountains of Mexico and currently works in Oakland, CA, where she opened her first retail location, ESQUELETO, in 2011.

  • Lou Zeldis

    Lou Zeldis, a traveling theater artist, was born in America but his passion for making unique jewelry and accessories lived and thrived in Bali. Not classically trained, he gained a reputation of being an “artists’ artist”, unconstrained by the idea of “it can’t be done.” Lou began making jewelry in 1965 when he started wearing personal charms.

  • Luana Coonen

    Luana was born and raised in Hawaii, where she lived a simple and creative life, always close to nature. When moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to earn her BFA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing, she quickly noticed the dramatic contrast of a densely populated city to the lush, unhurried pace of tropical Hawaii. Realizing her strong affiliation with nature and organic growth patterns, she now finds even the smallest flower or blade of grass more precious than ever. She expresses her deep and abiding love of nature’s tiniest wonders through her artwork, finding ways within her work as a jeweler to amplify the beauty of simple natural objects and bring attention to our emotions. This is reinforced by her passion to use found objects and renewable materials. Luana currently enjoys teaching, traveling internationally, creating one of a kind works for exhibition and managing her small jewelry studio from her home in Hawaii.

  • Melissa Joy Manning

    After majoring in art history at the University of California, San Diego and getting her BA in jewelry design and sculpture at San Francisco State University, Melissa studied traditional silversmithing at the Instituto de Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and European design principles at the University of Barcelona before launching her namesake line in 1997 with less than $1,000. 

  • Michael Spirito

    Michael Spirito handcrafts each piece of jewelry in his NYC studio, where punk rock meets contemporary luxury.

  • MQuan

    Michele Quan of MQuan Studio designs and sculpts handmade ceramic art & objects for the home and garden. The pieces become a canvas for her love of drawing, painting, text and color. Many of the objects and images are rooted in the visual symbols of Eastern iconography- their meaning and beauty of which she is continuously in awe. Her work is an ongoing attempt to articulate that wonder.

  • non-perishable goods

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  • Pade Vavra

    Padé Vavra was born and raised in Los Angeles and is the designer of two distinctive jewelry collections: Padé Vavra Fine Jewelry & PADÉ by Padé Vavra. Both established in 1999.

    Both collections are made with love entirely in the USA.

  • Pat Flynn

    Pat Flynn is a goldsmith who lives and works in High Falls, New York. Each piece of jewelry is hand forged by Pat, often times incorporating fused 22 karat gold onto the iron. Pat is a master of subtle texture, working the surface with varying tools from the hammer and graver, to etching and filing. This attention to detail, technical control, and combination of disparate materials creates unparalleled elegance in his jewelry.

  • Patrick Dunaway


    Oakland-based artist Patrick Dunaway creates intricate, painstaking illustrations resonating with mystery and magic. Patrick’s drawings and paintings pull from geometry, allegorical imagery, and the natural world. An enduring fascination with skeletal structures can be noted throughout Patrick’s work- a nod to a childhood spent in Death Valley.

  • Peter St. Lawrence

    Peter St.Lawrence is an artist and designer that has been contributing to the arts community in Oakland, CA since he received a BFA in sculpture from California College of the Arts in 2001. Now he is the owner/operator of a floral design company that specializes in fine dining restaurant interiors. Peter is also a founder/director of FM; A fine art gallery and community of artist studios at the forefront of Oakland’s radical growth and creative rebirth.

  • Polly Wales

    Polly Wales is the creative and founding director behind her brand of fine handcrafted jewellery that does not seek to sell us false dreams of glossy, magazine ready perfection. Rather it offers an honest, imperfect beauty that is natural and attainable- a beauty that will continue to change and evolve over a lifetime and beyond. It is for women who want their engagement and wedding rings to feel more like them, more like their lives; warmer and a little closer to how they see themselves and how they see love.

  • Ramon Felix

    Self taught photographer born in Mexico, raised in Los Angeles, living in Oakland, and working everywhere.

  • Rebecca Overmann

    Rebecca creates jewelry which is influenced by natural forms and subtle movements. Her work is characterized by a mix of metals — yellow gold, oxidized sterling, accented with raw, rosecut and fancy diamonds. Each piece is flawlessly crafted and guided by the mindset that less is more.

  • Ruth Tomlinson

     Ruth Tomlinson is a contemporary fine jeweller based in London. She creates ethereal jewellery imbued with an otherworldly sense of a bygone era. 

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  • Sarah Swell

    Sarah Greenberg, the designer behind Sarah Swell Jewelry, creates hand-hewn treasures in precious metals that exemplify casual luxury. All of her pieces are meticulously crafted using ancient techniques.

  • Satomi Kawakita

    Satomi Kawakita is a New York City-based jewelry designer and professional diamond setter. She was born and raised in Japan.  While growing up, she was strongly influenced by her dress-maker mother, who made most of Satomi's clothes when she was a little girl. Satomi was fascinated not only by designing, but also by actually creating things herself. This passion led her to Saga Art College in Kyoto, Japan, where she studied wood, metal, clay and textile design/creation.  

  • Scosha

    In 2003 Australian-born painter and sculptor Scosha hopped onto an illegal cargo boat venturing down the Amazon River, observing where salt and fresh waters merged, the pink fresh water dolphins cruising the exotic waters, and the lands that would eventually lead her north to America.

  • Shawn Roberts

    DrackBar Designs focuses on seamless hand forged stainless steel damascus with precious metal and custom jewelry. Over 10 years of experience as a metalsmith and jewelry designer. All jewelry is hand made from my studio in Oakland, California & displayed around the Bay. Also wholesale prices are available upon request.

  • T. Kahres

    t.kahres jewelry is a collection of pieces inspired by nature that are created as wearable pieces of art.
    Teresa is committed to sustainability, local handmade production and uses recycled metals in her work.  Her studio is located in Brooklyn, New York, where all of her work is fabricated and produced.
  • Talon

    Born in Mendocino on her grandparents’ vineyard, TALON founder Emily Hirsch grew up nurtured by vast redwood forests, classic ‘70s vinyl, warm summer nights, the fall grape harvest, and rainy, windswept winters.  Each heirloom piece of jewelry takes influence from astronomical mythology and imagery, to inspire and celebrate the spirit of its bearer. 

    All Talon jewelry is made by hand in California with loving care.

  • Tap by Todd Pownell

    Todd Pownell is an artist and jeweler based in Cleveland, OH who manipulates fine metals and jewels with a unique sensitivity to the intrinsic beauty of the raw material.  He describes his creations as recalling “the tensions of a gathering storm in the night sky and to the low and angled light as it is cast across a landscape into the gazing eye.”

    Todd is also a member of Ethical Metalsmiths, jewelers for social and environmental responsibility who support ethical mining in sourcing their materials; the most responsible means are used while operating their studios with “green” practices.

  • Tatine Candles

    Haunting fragrance compositions rooted in nature. Romantically rock 'n' roll. Handcrafted in chicago since 2001.

  • Urbina Designs

    Master Goldsmith Alba Nelly Urbina creates her Urbina Designs Jewelry Collection entirely by hand in her sunny studio in beautiful Oakland California. She takes pride in alloying her own precious metals and carefully selecting the finest gemstones and pearls to incorporate into her creative designs.

  • Ursa Major

    With a childhood somewhere between the Caribbean and Maine, moving from a sailboat named, Ursa Major, to a house on a salt marsh, the inspirations for this work are wide and varied but always reminiscent of the stillness of the sea.

  • Wwake

    Wing Yau is a New York-based designer born in the Pacific Northwest with a background in sculpture at Rhode Island School of Design. Yau developed WWAKE in 2012 with the intention of merging art with the intimacy of jewelry. With a thoughtful balance of tension & scale, WWAKE re-contextualizes jewelry into unexpected arrangements and modern silhouettes.

    The brand is ever-experimenting with the boundaries of traditional jewelry, and offers a new perspective on heirloom jewelry. WWAKE is crafted in New York with the finest quality materials and conflict-free diamonds, and has been worn by celebrities such as Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, and Emma Watson.