Welcome, Atelier Narcé!
April 29, 2019
by Alexis Adams

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We are thrilled to welcome new line Atelier Narcé to ESQUELETO! The jewelry in the Atelier Narcé collection has been hand-crafted based on impressions of ancient Near Eastern seals and in XVlll-XlX renderings of pieces of art of the classical antiquity. Designer Iohann Pita draws inspiration from the artworks themselves or from great works of literature. Iohann’s designs convey the mystery, the puzzle and the wonder of our personal memories – remembered or forgotten – still sleeping somewhere inside of us. Atelier Narcé’s jewelry is modern and wearable, yet transcends time and civilization. Below we’ve highlighted each incredibly unique piece of this exciting new addition to our ESQUELETO collection!

      • pollux-and-the-mirrors-ring


        One half of the Gemini twins, this solo and solemn Pollux is gazing into a mirror of pure, sparkling diamonds.

        • the-face-of-the-oracle-necklace


          An all-knowing visage, presumably the Oracle of Delphi, ringed by a crescent moon of mixed cut diamonds. A pendant truly fit for a high priestess.

              • tenuous-antinous-band

                TENUOUS ANTINOUS BANDAtelier Narcé

                Featuring the lithe form of Greek hero/god (and renowned hottie) Antinous, this wide band is scattered with champagne diamonds. The perfect romantic gift for your favorite.

              • sibilla-festiva-ring

                SIBILLA FESTIVA RINGAtelier Narcé

                I love the contrast of cool sterling silver and warm champagne diamonds in this ring. A portrait of a mysterious lady, with the slightest hint of a smile – smiling perhaps because of the many clustered diamonds in her hair?

              • memories-discovery-ring

                MEMORIES DISCOVERY RINGAtelier Narcé

                The memories that we hold in our mind’s eye are honored in this stunning signet style ring, rendered in 10k gold with a smattering of brilliant cut diamonds.

              • temperance-pendant-necklace

                TEMPERANCE PENDANT NECKLACEAtelier Narcé

                A necklace within a necklace – this elegant bust is wearing a collar of shimmering diamonds, ready to be hung from an 18” chain around your own neck.

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