Real Wedding: Liz + Oliver

March 19, 2018
by Alexis Adams
Alexis: I got to know Liz (in-person at the L.A. shop) and Oliver (remotely, over email) quite well over the months leading up to their engagement and wedding. I loved working with them so much! I thought their story was really special, and I asked Liz to share their engagement story and rather epic honeymoon “adventure”. Liz: We had planned for my parents to visit his family in snowy Montana for New Year’s and while we didn’t say it exactly, I suspected we would get engaged with everyone there to celebrate – we were living in Ethiopia at the time, so it was a special occasion for everyone to be together. New Year’s Eve was as magical and snowy as... Read More

Megan & Zach

January 17, 2017
by Kayla Andrews
Zach worked with Lauren Wolf to create this beautiful and sentimental ring for his partner, Megan. Lauren added vibrant garnets to her iconic three stone setting to make a truly special custom engagement ring for the happy couple. Kayla: You did a custom project with Lauren Wolf for Megan’s engagement ring. What inspired you to do that? Zach: Not long after we started dating (May 2013) Megan showed me the Instagram account for Lauren Wolf Jewelry and she mentioned that she really liked the style of her work. I made a note of it along with any other ring/jewelry information that I could casually extract out of her over the next 3 years. I knew that she would want something... Read More

Katie & Ryan

September 19, 2016
by Kayla Andrews
I worked with Katie’s fiancé, Ryan, when he was shopping with us for her engagement ring. He really wanted to propose at a special barbecue on the weekend so we made sure that he received the ring in time. I could tell he was making a huge effort to preserve the surprise element of his proposal. When Katie e-mailed us to express her love of her new engagement ring I took the opportunity to learn a little more about the couple. Kayla: When your fiancé, Ryan, contacted us to inquire after your engagement ring, he was confident that the 3 Diamond Rose Gold Ring by Lauren Wolf would suit your style. How would you describe your style? Katie: My style is bohemian, so when I first saw... Read More

Michael & Chelsea

August 8, 2016
by Kayla Andrews
ESQUELETO owner Lauren Wolf recently worked with Michael on his custom project. Throughout the process I heard the team singing his praises. They said he was a really nice person and fun to work with. I thought I’d reach out and see what he thought of the custom process and if he’d recommend it to others. Here’s what he said: Kayla: You worked with Lauren Wolf to create a custom ring for your partner, Chelsea. What was the ring for? What made you decide to do a custom ring? Michael: I worked with Lauren to make Chelsea’s engagement ring. I had searched extensively, both at shops in New York and online and actually found a ring that I really liked, but when it arrived... Read More

Justine & Nico

June 7, 2016
by Kayla Andrews
How did your engagement ring become yours? [Nico and I] agreed that I would do the proposing, which suited my feminism just fine. We talked about rings, and I told him I would head over to this shop I was following on IG called Esqueleto and pick out what I liked. Then, this past Christmas eve, in my hometown of Santa Fe, he surprised me with a proposal, spelled out in farolitos (the little brown bags with a candle inside that decorate the New Mexico houses at Christmastime), Will You Marry Me JMH? I of course said YES! He gave me a lovely diamond ring… which… was not my favorite. So! I would get to go to Esqueleto after all! What was your experience with ESQUELETO? I worked... Read More

Jeanette & Mikey

April 6, 2016
by Kayla Ogden
Jeanette’s energy left a really good impression on our Oakland store manager, Danica, and ESQUELETO founder Lauren Wolf over the past few weeks as she chose her engagement ring. She ended up with such a beautiful piece by Rebecca Overmann which seemed to suit her perfectly. The whole experience was really sweet so I asked her to share a little bit of her story in our blog: Kayla: How did you meet Mikey, your fiancé?   Jeanette: I actually met my fiancé online – BUT we actually went to the same high school and have a ton of mutual friends. It’s pretty weird – we know – but we are both so much cooler now than we were in high school! Our first blind date was... Read More

Danica & Robin

February 16, 2016
by Lindsay Olson
Danica, aka The Modernist, has been the store manager at our Oakland shop for a year and half. She has that effortless, innate sense of style that every woman covets. So when she and her dreamy French fiancee got married last year, we wanted to know more about their wedding, and of course, their impeccable taste in jewelry. Lindsay: Danica, when you started working at Esqueleto, you and Robin had moved here from Canada, and were already engaged. Tell us how you picked the perfect matching band for your ring.   D: My engagement ring is pretty simple, so there were a bunch of bands that paired nicely with it. Ultimately I went with Sarah Swell’s notched band because the simplicity... Read More

Grace & Jason

January 14, 2016
by Alexis Adams
I met Grace and Jason a few months ago when they came into the newly opened Los Angeles shop together to search for an engagement ring. They were both still on cloud nine from Jason’s recent proposal and full of infectious laughter and excitement. After exploring many designers, Grace settled on a gorgeous brown diamond hexagon ring by Satomi Kawakita. I had to special order the size she wanted, and the day it arrived Grace and Jason came to the shop with photographer in tow to commemorate the experience. I loved working with this super cute couple and asked them to share their story and beautiful photographs with us here. A: Tell me a little about yourselves. How did you guys meet?  G:... Read More


November 10, 2015
by Lindsay Olson
Possibly the most fun, and definitely the most personal wedding rings Esqueleto has ever sold would have to be the set of bands for Alexis and Jackson. Alexis is the store manager for Esqueleto LA, but before she and her husband moved she ran our flagship Oakland store. She chatted with Lindsay about the process of choosing her rings. Lindsay: Tell us how you came to get an engagement ring from Esqueleto. Alexis: Ha! Well, Jackson and I had been talking about getting engaged for a bit, but he hadn’t pulled the trigger. Of course, with me being a super Lauren Wolf fan, he had planned on going to ESQUELETO to pick out a ring before I even started working there. We briefly discussed going... Read More

Brian & Soraya

October 26, 2015
by Lindsay Olson
I met Brian before I had the pleasure of meeting Soraya. He came to Esqueleto, sketchbook in hand, in the hopes of commissioning a custom engagement ring using an heirloom diamond. They were both such a delight to work with that I thought I’d ask them about their experience. Lindsay: How did you two meet? Brian: We met at Socha Café in the Mission District of San Francisco. I wandered into the café to get some work done and Soraya was my barista. L: What brought you to Esqueleto for the ring? B: Years earlier, during a hike in the canyon near my childhood home in San Diego, Soraya picked some wildflowers and twisted them into two rings. We felt like we had joined together that day in... Read More