Heather Levine’s Studio

August 3, 2015
by Alexis Adams
I always love visiting Heather Levine’s magical, light-filled studio, her whimsical clay creations filling rack after rack with ceramic goodness. Heather’s work is full of dichotomies: equal parts mid-century craft and modern design sensibility, natural forms and geometric precision, delicate balance and chunky ceramic heft. All in all, her work maintains a thoroughly “Californian” vibe across all formats. We’ve carried her bold wall hangings for years, but on this visit I left with an entire little forest of quirky conical luminaries. The new style fits right in with the aesthetic of our Los Angeles store.

Momento Mori

July 27, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
At Esqueleto we’re continually fascinated by the strange and beautiful tradition of memento mori. Literally translated to “reminder of death,” this type of jewelry was crafted to remind the wearer of human impermanence or to commemorate a loved one who had passed on. The style has ancient roots in cultures around the globe, but garnered a special level of mainstream popularity in Georgian-era Europe (1714-1830), with pieces featuring skulls, skeletons, and even real locks of human hair (?!!). While some of the heavier symbolism may have dissipated in modern times (think: effective medicine, older life expectancies, safer travel), the imagery remains influential in... Read More

LA Grand Opening Party

July 20, 2015
by Alexis Adams
We are so excited to open our second location in sunny Los Angeles! When we thought about expanding Esqueleto, LA immediately came to mind. After exploring several areas, we knew the Echo Park neighborhood was the only one for us. We fell in love with a simple, high-ceilinged, light-filled, white brick building and decided to dive in. The new store carries many of the same artists as the Oakland shop, but we wanted to curate with a more modern, graphic eye here and add some only-in-LA lines as well. We are thrilled to add Kaylin Hertel, Jovana Djuric, Peter St. Lawrence, Meagan Donegan and Rachel Steiner to the LA lineup. A grand opening party will be held on Saturday August 8th, 2015 from... Read More

Exploring Echo Park

July 13, 2015
by Alexis Adams
One of the best things about opening a new location is discovering all the great things about our new neighborhood. Whether it’s a new go-to lunch spot, fellow shopping destinations, or just a great place to walk the dog, Echo Park has a lot to offer! Ampal Creative: One for the boys – this limited edition hat shop is the creative output of Andrew Potash, the brother of our talented jeweler Nick Potash. Crafted in LA from deadstock vintage and hard-to-find fabrics, each headpiece is unique. Guisado’s: Hands down the best tacos in town. Located right across the street from Esqueleto LA, I’ve been chowing down here almost every day. Try the quesadilla, a weird but wonderful concoction... Read More

July Picks: The Modernist

July 6, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
Ursa Major Rose Gold Bamboo Ring God, I love this ring. What is it about the combo of rose gold and bamboo that just makes me swoon? I don’t wear a lot of color or patterns, so this ring offers up the perfect amount of tropical pop to put me in a warm weather mood. Cat Bates Silver Pelican Clip Bracelet What is it about this bracelet (which can be worn as a rad necklace, too) that makes me feel like I’m drinking cheap beer with Jimmy Buffet on a fishing boat off the coast of Key West? It’s a casual piece of luxury that I could easily see myself- or my man- wearing all summer long. AESA Infinite Horizons Necklace This is a great throw-on-over-your-head necklace to pair with... Read More

Custom Work

June 29, 2015
by Lindsay Olson
It’s no question that Esqueleto has grown to become a destination for alternative engagement rings and fine jewelry. Lauren’s exceptional eye and distinct taste provide for a carefully curated selection of artists. What you won’t find in the store or on our website, however, are the many custom designs we’ve created for clients who wanted pieces that are truly one of a kind. Whether it’s resetting Grandma’s diamond solitaire, crafting necklaces out of our prehistoric megalodon teeth, or fabricating that perfect engagement ring from scratch, we’re pretty much always game to help you realize your innermost design dreams. Interested in developing a custom project? You can get... Read More

Here Comes the Sun

June 22, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
Yesterday marked the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice, which means summer is officially here! We can now begin the slow descent back into shorter, colder days. Just kidding! There are still many months of beach days, barbeques, and road trips up the coast to look forward to. Those glorious hours spent day drinking sun bathing on your friend’s roof require the proper adornment. So in the spirit of the season and our unabashed sun worship, here are some summer-approved favorites to make you shimmer from dawn till dusk.

Don’t Forget Dad!

June 18, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
Just tell him it’s in the mail. He’s probably used to it! Megalodon Tooth Paperweight, shelf ornament, or just object of continuous fascination. I kid you not: every dad that walks into the store picks these babies up. Cold Mountain Stone Also known as Cold Mountain Thunderegg, this rugged rock has been halved and polished to reveal warm colors and lovely crystalline veins. Cat Bates Royal Pelican Clip Bracelet Cat Bates’ nautically inspired wrap bracelets are summery and super comfy on the wrist. These would look perfect with some rolled-up shirt sleeves or the below ensemble (an actual picture of my dad, circa 1993): Danica and her father, circa 1993 Lindsay... Read More

Nick Potash

June 15, 2015
by Alexis Adams
A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the unique studio of jeweler Nick Potash. Nick is a skilled jeweler, as well as a surfer, painter, sculptor, sunglasses designer and motorcycle enthusiast. His studio-cum-garage reflects this abundant cross-medium creativity. Originally from La Jolla, CA, Nick now works out of his home and garage in Los Angeles. Whether it’s working on customizing his beloved bike, or creating gorgeous one-of-kind rings for clients in silver and gold, you can always find Nick tinkering with something. He enjoys creating custom work, and is bored by the idea of mass-production. I was completely wowed by the detail and craftsmanship of Nick’s... Read More

Staff Picks: The Urbanist

June 8, 2015
by Lindsay Olson
We asked Lindsay Olson (a.k.a. The Urbanist) to give us some more insight into why these items are her favorites for June. Lindsay is the designer behind Adeline Jewelry, and works at Esqueleto as Head of Production for Lauren Wolf Jewelry. Georgian Heritage Ring The oldest ring I’ve ever gotten to hold in my hands, from the late 1700’s. I was with Lauren when she bought it for the shop and it took our breath away – we had never seen a ring like this before; the cut of that diamond and the way it has been set are unreal. I love imagining all of the different wearers throughout the last two hundred years as the ring was passed on from hand to hand, eventually landing in our... Read More