New Year Home Refresh
January 2, 2018
by Grace Wilcox


A new year means a clean slate; a chance to create new intentions and refresh your life and home. At ESQUELETO we have a thoughtfully curated collection of unique artwork, textiles and natural curiosities. Below we’ve selected a few of our favorite pieces to help reenergize your space to head into 2018 feeling reinvigorated and ready to tackle the new year and all the excitement, challenge and change that comes your way.

      • CeramicObject

        Stoneware Egg
        Len Carella
        We’re all just crazy for this egg-shaped, satin black and gray matte glazed stoneware object. It could be showcased as the centerpiece at your dining table or added as a unique object to a bookshelf or side table.

      • StJohnsWoodCandle

        Saint John’s Wood Candle
        Tatine Candles
        This candle has an eye catching yet simplistic design and will also make your home smell like tulips, smoldering chimney smoke, dried vines and brick walls, oh my!

      • WallHanging

        Prince Wall Hanging
        Ghost Dancer
        Ghost Dancer’s one of a kind wall hanging is woven with cotton, horse hair & vintage metallic thread. It will add a cozy textural element to any space.

        • rug

          Moroccan Rug
          While this stunning moroccan rug has playful pops of color, it’s white background keeps it neutral, thus making it the perfect piece to punch up a space while also keeping the room grounded.

          • ConstellationDish

            White Constellation Dish
            by MQuan
            This darling wheel thrown stoneware dish with temple black constellation glaze would make the perfect catch-all on your dresser or bed side table.

          • PorcelainDecanter

            Porcelain Decanter
            Peter St. Lawrence
            We love an updated version of a vintage staple! This unglazed gray porcelain vessel is actually slipcast from a crystal decanter.

        • feather

          Four Corners Original
          Patrick Dunaway
          This graphic design by Patrick Dunaway has a perfect symmetry that is soothing to the eye. Since it’s black and white pen on paper it will fit seamlessly into any existing art collection.

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