Scorpio Styling
November 13, 2017
by Grace Wilcox


As the Fall transitions into Winter we find ourselves in the season of the Scorpio. Scorpios are determined, decisive, natural born leaders. Though a Scorpio is a calm and cool water sign on the outside, they are born fierce with the rules of the universe embedded at their core. The mysterious scorpios are also the most sensual sign of the zodiac and value intimacy and faithfulness. Read on for some Scorpio-inspired pieces available in our shop.

      • FanRing

        Ten Stone Diamond Fan Stone
        by Lauren Wolf Jewelry
        This bold, one-of-a-kind Lauren Wolf Jewelry ring is comprised of 4.74 carats of pear shaped and round rose cut gray diamonds and exemplifies the fire within the Scorpio.

      • SharkTooth

        Sharks Tooth Necklace
        by Pade Vavra
        Pade Vara’s shark tooth necklace is a stunning and sexy way to adorn your decolletage. The .42ct pave diamonds in14k rose gold against the dark, dramatic shark’s tooth strike the perfect balance between soft femininity and edge.

      • Knife

        Moon Phase Dagger
        by MQuan
        MQuan’s stonewear dagger would add the right amount of celestial Scorpio edge to any wall or bookshelf.

        • ScorpioSignet

          Scorpio Signet
          by Talon
          This powerful signet ring by Talon allows you to wear your astrological sign (the scorpion) with confidence; like a badge of honor.

          • PeacockEarrings

            Extra Large Peacock Earrings
            The darkened oxidized and brushed sterling silver of these show-stoppers by TenThousandThings is beautifully contrasted by their sexy curvature, making them the ideal pair of earrings for a Scorpio-born.

          • SmallCup

            Little Mug
            by Rachel Steiner
            Nothing says cozy late Fall evenings like a steaming cup of tea and this Rachel Steiner mug is just begging to be filled up with a comforting beverage and held next to a crackling fire.

        • DevotionCandle

          Devotion Candle
          by Tatine Candles
          The intoxicating scent of “dried black tea leaves steeped in lemongrass and balsam fir, blended with woodflower oil and drops of effervescent bergamot oil” make this the perfect candle to spice things up on a romantic Fall evening.

          • StingrayCuff

            Stingray Triple Cuff
            by Lauren Wolf Jewelry
            Pay homage to the Scorpio’s water sign with this Lauren Wolf Jewelry stingray statement cuff in oxidized silver.

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