March 18, 2019
by Alexis Adams
The Vernal Equinox is almost upon us – the point in the year when daylight and darkness are equals. As we prepare to shift away from those long, cold winter nights towards the seemingly endless days of summer, here are some pieces from our collection that are inspired by the duality of light and shadow. SILVER PEONY BUDS RINGTenThousandThings This chunky silver ring by TenThousandThings really plays up the drama of light and dark with contrasting darkly oxidized and brightly shining sterling silver. ABSOLUTE COMBINATION BANDBy Satomi Kawakita Half ruby red, half bright white diamonds, this channel-set band by Satomi Kawakita pulls double duty. Flip it around to swap the... Read More

FLOWER POWER: Floral Designs for Spring

March 12, 2019
by Alexis Adams
As much of the country still fights off winter weather, our latest curated collection is a welcome reminder that SPRING IS COMING! These flowering diamond rings, nature-inspired studs, and blossom-hued beauties are just what we need to carry us into the abundance of spring. Here are ten of our favorite florals for the spring season. Shop the full IN BLOOM COLLECTION WHITE GOLD FLOWER RINGBy Lauren Wolf We’ll kick things off with this massive 18k white gold floral creation from Lauren Wolf, featuring 1.1 carats of marquise cut diamonds unfurling like petals around a 3.18 cognac diamond center. Now that is flower POWER! CRESCENT DROP NECKLACEBy TenThousandThings Evoking the... Read More


March 4, 2019
by Jessie Zechnowitz
The eyes have always had us, tbh. As the “window to the soul” eyes (or a single eye) have long been used as a graphic motif in art, literature, and religion to symbolize focus, protection, clairvoyance, and awareness. From the Eye of Horus in Ancient Egypt, to the Evil Eye in the Mediterranean and Mexico, eyes have been used as talismans to ward off evil and promote insight for ages. See yourself to our list below, where you’ll find eye-catching charms to enhance your perception. Stay Woke! CATS EYE DIAMOND RINGVintage An exquisite Victorian cocktail ring spotlights a humongous Chrysoberyl framed in diamonds. This eye is the cat’s meow. AZTEC EYE RINGBy Celine... Read More

Spotlight On: Cat Bates

February 25, 2019
by Alexis Adams
This coming weekend we welcome our favorite Mainer, Cat Bates, to the Oakland shop! To create his nautical- and nature-inspired designs Cat takes iconic items, like a found seagull bone or the functional oarlock of a boat, and distills them down to their most elemental forms before sand-casting in bronze. I was able to chat with Cat this week, asking him to elaborate on his process and inspirations. We are so excited to host Cat and his full line of unique, unisex adornments this weekend! CAT BATES TRUNK SHOW Saturday, March 2nd, 11am-6pm ESQUELETO Oakland 482 A 49th St. Oakland, CA 510 629 6216 Alexis: Your pieces are designed to be worn constantly, never taken off by the wearer. Over... Read More


February 18, 2019
by Jessie Zechnowitz
Our latest collection just landed earth-side, and there are definitely some superstars up in the mix! The Celestial Offerings Collection is full of stellar sparklers and ethereal creations, plucked from the cosmos especially for you. From stud earrings glittering with diamonds, to silvery crescent moons and solid gold solar rays, this selection will send you out of this world. Buckle your belt and prepare for lift off! THE CELESTIAL COLLECTION RAINBOW MOONSTONE RING By Lauren Wolf A milky way of moon-magic, Lauren’s moonstone ring beams in 14k yellow gold. This stunner is a marriage of lunar illumination and solar shine. SUN MOON DIAMOND EARRINGS By Celine... Read More

Our Wonderful Week of Melee

February 12, 2019
by Alexis Adams
The Lauren Wolf Jewelry + ESQUELETO team just spent a bone-chillingly blustery week in NYC attending the fine jewelry trade show, Melee. Founded by Lauren and bestie (and ESQ artist) Rebecca Overmann, Melee is held bi-annually in the gorgeous High Line Hotel in Chelsea. This was the 4th season of the to-the-trade-only show, which features 48 fine jewelry designers exhibiting their collections for buyers and the press. We love visiting with the designers we carry in ESQUELETO, getting to see (and try on!) their newest pieces in person, and catch up over a flute (or two) of champagne. Keep your eyes peeled for beautiful new items coming soon from ESQ favs Scosha, Wwake, Rebecca Overmann,... Read More


February 4, 2019
by Jessie Zechnowitz
We’re in the mood for love! Check our Valentine-inspired selects below for sweet treats that would make Aphrodite blush. Red hot rubies, bodacious hearts, and of course diamonds light up our list. Find something special for your true boo! DIAMOND BELT RING Vintage In Victorian times, a belt ring symbolized fidelity and loyalty for eternity. This one is studded with diamonds – surely a cherished reminder for your one and only. NINE RUBY BAND By Lauren Wolf Nine rosy rubies set the mood for romance. DIAMOND HEART LOCKET Vintage A diamond glows from the center of this fab vintage heart locket, suitable for year-round wear. WINGED HEART... Read More


January 28, 2019
by Jessie Zechnowitz
This week we’re featuring our picks for natty neckpieces! Layering necklaces is an art form, and the list below spotlights pieces that lend themselves well to the task. Whether you’re piling on the itty bitty pretties or using a dainty piece to set off a showboat, check the selects below to find designs that fit your fancy. KISS ME NECKLACE By Anthony Lent An ardent choice for your valentine, the Kiss Me Necklace says it all. Muah! TINY GOLD HEART NECKLACE By Luana Coonen If an anatomical heart can be considered sweet, this necklace is it. A 14k gold heart is hand sawed with tiny arteries. This piece pairs perfectly with the Kiss Me Necklace above, covering... Read More

Aquarian Attractions

January 16, 2019
by Jessie Zechnowitz
Aquarius is the water bearer, bringer of hydration and the liquid of life. Aquarians lubricate communication and locomotion with their faculty for fluidity. They’re also philosophers, who expound upon thoughts and ideas as deep as the sea. Light blue and silver are the colors associated with Aquarius, and we’ve selected some aqueous favorites – treasures from the deep featuring opals and pearls with a few pieces cast from actual sea dwellers! WATER BAND By Rebecca Overmann Rebecca’s water band undulates like a the ripples of a river. Glistening with white diamond accents, this piece is a water-worshipper’s dream! DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING By Lauren Wolf A... Read More

Glittery History: Gemstone Symbolism & Mythology

January 7, 2019
by Jessie Zechnowitz
Can you believe it’s already 2019? Time flies… but jewelry is immortal. The rare alchemy of nature forges glittering gemstones that have captured the human imagination for thousands of years. Let’s take a look back among the ages at some of the most prized and honored gemstones and what they symbolized for our ancestors. MOONSTONE Since it’s a feldspar, moonstone is a fairly soft stone – which may be why it’s referred to as the stone of tenderness and is thought of as a heart-opening aid. Ancient India’s astrologers believed that wearing this stone was a way to gain the favor and friendship of the moon! RAINBOW MOONSTONE RING By Lauren Wolf Wax-on moon goddesses,... Read More