Start Your Stack

July 25, 2016
by Alexis Adams
While we at ESQUELETO firmly believe that rules are made to be broken, there are some things to consider when building the stack of your dreams. Before you invest consider these tips: MIX THOSE METALS! You don’t need to stick to just one tone. A well-balanced stack will include a mix of yellow, rose and white gold. A bright pop of gleaming platinum or edgy oxidized silver can add the visual interest you need to make or break a perfect stack.     NESTLE UP! When playing with different silhouettes and larger statement rings, look for these perfect stackables to nest in between. Katrina LaPenne’s angled archer ring is our fav to pair with vintage diamonds,... Read More

Spotlight: Johnny Ninos

July 18, 2016
by Alexis Adams
With a dramatically unique style, evocative of California’s coastal tidepools and the creatures within them, Johnny Ninos crafts amazing one of a kind miniature artworks out of gold and diamonds. I was able to chat with Johnny about the influences and processes that go into creating these incredible pieces. Alexis: We love the amazing, elaborate wooden boxes you ship the jewelry in, perfectly custom made to house the items you are sending. Elevating something so humble as the packaging into a work of art, it feels like a very special luxury. I see that reflected in all of your work, the above and beyond attention to detail. Each piece is a unique little world. Can you tell me a bit about... Read More

Stone Setting Basics

July 11, 2016
by Lindsay Olson
Lauren, Isabel (Esqueleto’s amazingly talented in-house jeweler), and I are traveling North up the California coast to take an intensive stone setting workshop at the Mendocino Arts Center. No doubt we will return with a plethora of new skills and inspiration for our designs. Below are some examples of different styles of settings, all of which you can find in the cases and online at Esqueleto! Pavé Most commonly seen in wedding bands, the pavé style of setting is achieved by closely aligning small diamonds together and securing them with tiny metal beads or prongs. The term comes from the French verb “to pave,” and well, who wouldn’t want their jewelry paved with... Read More

Day-cation Trips and Tips

July 4, 2016
by Lindsay Olson
Summer is officially here, and that means taking advantage of longer, sunnier days. Everyone knows I’m a city girl at heart, but perhaps the loveliest virtue of my beloved hometown is all of the beauty that lies just beyond its borders. Nothing beats a spontaneous beach day or drive up the coast to kick back and soak up some Vitamin D (underneath a thick layer of SPF 60 in my case). Here are my favorite day trips outside the Bay Area, from childhood favorites to newly discovered gems. Pescadero Half Moon Bay is home to even more glorious beaches just South of San Francisco. Hit the waves early and then drive a bit further down 1 to Pescadero. You can sample the freshest, creamiest chevre... Read More