Oakland Gems

May 30, 2016
by Lindsay Olson
Lindsay Olson, aka The Urbanist, was born and raised in Oakland, CA, where Esqueleto’s flagship opened in 2011. Though she’s lived all over the place, from rural Ohio to Brooklyn to Buenos Aires, Oakland always managed to draw her back. Here are five of her favorite local spots. Lake Merritt Fun fact: Lake Merritt, technically a tidal lagoon, is the United States’ first official wildlife refuge. It’s not uncommon to see mallards and pelicans diving for fish as you jog past the Oakland Civic Auditorium (now the Kaiser Convention Center) and you might have to fend off a Canada goose or two on your way to the Lakeview branch of the public library. The “necklace of lights”... Read More

Spotlight: Communion by Joy

May 23, 2016
by Alexis Adams
We are thrilled to welcome new line Communion By Joy into our L.A. shop and online store! Los Angeles-based Joy Sangalang Smith is the artist behind the line’s unique expression of fine jewelry. This week I was lucky enough to speak with Joy about her creative process, and gained insight into the deep connection to spirituality in her work. Alexis: So, tell me a bit about how you got your start making jewelry. What drew you to the medium? Joy: I knew that I wanted to be an artist but I had to find my medium. I loved paining but I wasn’t the best at it. Then I started taking wax-sculpting classes in Santa Monica. I thought it was cool because I liked the sculpting aspect of it... Read More

Spring Cleaning

May 16, 2016
by Alexis Adams
It’s time to shed those winter layers! Spring brings lightness, brightness, renewed energy and life. Bringing in the outdoors, selecting airy, handmade pieces and fresh fabrics, and rotating your art collection will rejuvenate your home. Here are 5 pieces to welcome new trends into your space for a satisfying spring refresh. Indigo Tie Dye Pillow by Carrie Vawter Eschew the heavy, dark fabrics of winter in favor of beachy indigo, like this hand dyed and quilted pillow by Oakland-based artist Carrie Vawter.     Wall Hanging by Heather Levine We’ve long been fans of LA-based artist Heather Levine and her modern naturalist sculptures. Wall hangings have been... Read More

Spotlight: Todd Pownell

May 9, 2016
by Kayla Ogden
Kayla: Welcome to the ESQUELETO family! We’re so proud to represent your work in our boutiques and online. Can you tell us how you came to be a jewelry designer? Todd: I worked as a junior motorcycle mechanic when I was in high school and really enjoyed working with my hands. Then in shop class I sort of had an epiphany moment when I melted metal for the first time while welding. That experience got me hooked on working with metal and I started making desk lamps and other objects mostly out of steel. One day, I decided to use some copper and once I was exposed to non-ferrous metal, I started exploring making small containers and kept reducing the scale of things. After high school, I... Read More

Mother’s Day Gifts

May 2, 2016
by Alexis Adams
  Mother’s Day is less than a week away! Here are our top 10 selections for the wonderful women in our lives. Make sure to order by Wednesday and select 2-day shipping to win that World’s Most Thoughtful Child award.   Rutilated Quartz Studs by MELISSA JOY MANNING Both natural and super luxe, these freeform 14k gold studs are something she’ll wear everyday.   Large Bead Necklace by JESSICA NIELLO For the woman who always encouraged your artistic side, each ceramic bead necklace is totally unique, just like her.   Gold Urchin Studs by T. Kahres These delicate studs are perfect for new moms – simple, chic, and completely toddler... Read More