Shane Butler Interview

January 25, 2016
by Alexis Adams
This is the last week to catch the gorgeous solo show from artist and musician Shane Butler in our Los Angeles location. I’ve really fallen in love with this series of delicate nature-inspired drawings, so I wanted to ask Shane about his methods and influences and how he balances his art practice with life on the road with his band, Quilt. If you are in LA, make sure to catch the show before it closes on January 31st! Alexis: How did you get started in your creative life? You and I met in art school obviously, but how far back does it go? When did you know that you would want to be on this path? Shane: Oh god. It goes back really far. I don’t ever really remember wanting to do... Read More

Dropping Hints

January 20, 2016
by Alexis Adams
Though we are deep into the dull days of January, there is a bright spot on the near horizon: Valentine’s Day is just a month away! These are the über romantic gifts that have us dropping hints. Now is the time to start drafting your wish list; many of our most special items need extra time to be resized or customized. Gold Flying Heart Studs $300 We are in love with these winged heart earrings from Anthony Lent. In 18k gold they are a romantic gift that we’ll never want to take off. Ruby Eternity Band $1800 An eternity band symbolizes unending love, and this one from Lauren Wolf in 18k gold set with rubies is a particularly beautiful version. Baby Pearl Ring $210 A Satomi... Read More

Grace & Jason

January 14, 2016
by Alexis Adams
I met Grace and Jason a few months ago when they came into the newly opened Los Angeles shop together to search for an engagement ring. They were both still on cloud nine from Jason’s recent proposal and full of infectious laughter and excitement. After exploring many designers, Grace settled on a gorgeous brown diamond hexagon ring by Satomi Kawakita. I had to special order the size she wanted, and the day it arrived Grace and Jason came to the shop with photographer in tow to commemorate the experience. I loved working with this super cute couple and asked them to share their story and beautiful photographs with us here. A: Tell me a little about yourselves. How did you guys meet?  G:... Read More

Symbolism in MQuan

January 5, 2016
by Kayla Ogden
MQuan is the brainchild of prolific New York based jeweler and ceramicist Michele Quan. While some designers appear to be driven by an homage to design principles, creating comfort, or setting trends, Michele seems inspired by a need to express her reverence for the world. When you experience a MQuan piece, whether it be by adorning her jewelry or positioning her ceramics in your space, you can feel and see the thought she pours into the work. The dagger, constellation, evil eye, and moon symbols that show up in our collection communicate her expressed awe of Eastern iconography. See below for some beautiful examples: Gold & Turquoise Radiant Eye Studs “These Eyes are about... Read More

Your 2016 Space

January 4, 2016
by Alexis Adams
With the coming of a new year, the post-holidays focus tends to shift to oneself – your body, your mind, and your wellbeing. For me that means focusing on improving the spaces I spend the bulk of my day in. Try curating your space to banish the clutter and display only things you truly love. Adding a few personal touches to your desk or living space can really add small daily happinesses to your life! Little Bowl by Rachel Steiner $35 This perfect little bowl with it’s soft satin white glaze will perk up my morning cereal and tea routine for sure. Think about the objects you use – really use – every single day, and upgrade them. These are the things that will give you the most... Read More