Modern Matches 2

November 23, 2015
by Alexis Adams
We often get asked to help couples select wedding rings that both express their individual personalities and coordinate with each other in a meaningful way. Here are some of our favorite pairings of engagement rings and wedding bands that complement one another without being too “matchy matchy.” THE URBANISTS This couple is as chic and stylish as their Lower East Side address. Satomi Kawakita’s modern classic 1.0ct brown diamond engagement ring is paired with Lauren Wolf’s edgy 3mm black diamond eternity band, bringing out the black rhodium border of the solitaire. The thick organically textured 18k gold cigar band by Johnny Ninos is the perfect foil, with the elegant single black... Read More

Engagement Ring Designers

November 16, 2015
by Alexis Adams
One of my favorite things about ESQUELETO is our focus on our designers- the very talented people behind the very beautiful objects we sell. It’s so cool to get to know the artist making an important, forever-treasured item like an engagement ring. Bringing that personal element into the mix gives your ring a real meaning beyond just shimmering gold and glittering diamonds. Below are profiled five of our leading engagement ring designers: Rebecca Overmann Rebecca brings a timeless sophistication to all of her designs. Inspired by natural forms but never overtly so, her subtle abstractions add a soft quality to her rings which is enhanced by her use of a matte finish. This one... Read More


November 10, 2015
by Lindsay Olson
Possibly the most fun, and definitely the most personal wedding rings Esqueleto has ever sold would have to be the set of bands for Alexis and Jackson. Alexis is the store manager for Esqueleto LA, but before she and her husband moved she ran our flagship Oakland store. She chatted with Lindsay about the process of choosing her rings. Lindsay: Tell us how you came to get an engagement ring from Esqueleto. Alexis: Ha! Well, Jackson and I had been talking about getting engaged for a bit, but he hadn’t pulled the trigger. Of course, with me being a super Lauren Wolf fan, he had planned on going to ESQUELETO to pick out a ring before I even started working there. We briefly discussed going... Read More

2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

November 9, 2015
by Kayla Ogden
We have a huge selection of jewelry online, so we decided to make it easier for you to shop for your holiday gifts. This is for those of you who want to know what we recommend, but can’t come into the LA or Oakland brick and mortar to talk to us in person. Under $100: Under $500: Under $1000: Over $1000: If you have any questions or special requests you can call us here: 1-510-496-4100 to chat.

Vintage at ESQUELETO

November 2, 2015
by Alexis Adams
Here at ESQUELETO one of our deepest passions is for antique jewelry. The unmatched artistry, the history behind each piece, the idea of wearing something that has been worn and treasured by countless others – it’s intoxicating. That’s why we are thrilled to welcome Laurel Stearns of Pass It On LTD to our L.A. shop for a trunk show of her rare gems from the Victorian and Georgian eras. Join us on Saturday, November 14th from 11am to 6pm in our Los Angeles location to meet Laurel and shop her fabulous vintage jewels. Cocktails, light refreshments and some throwback tunes will be provided. Hope to see you there! Edwardian Flower Ring We love the simple perfection of this... Read More