Top 10 Vintage Bridal Rings

August 31, 2015
by Alexis Adams
10. The Concentric Circles Diamond Ring This is a very cool piece from the Victorian era. The radial symmetry is set off by the irregular rose cut clustered diamonds, making for a wholly unique look that evokes both modern and vintage sensibilities. 9. Light Yellow Diamond Ring This ring has the most beautiful lemony light yellow diamond set into a striking Art Deco mixed white and yellow gold setting. A classic choice with a little twist. 8. Square Five Across Band Many women these days are looking beyond the traditional solitaire shape. This wearable and flattering 5-diamond ring will look amazing stacked with a wedding band. 7. Vintage Diamond Solitaire For a proposal with... Read More

Stacking 101

August 24, 2015
by Alexis Adams
Here at ESQUELETO, we LOVE stacking our rings. The more the merrier! In the stores we often get asked to help customers select the perfect stack, so I wanted to offer some advice for our web clients as well. Stacking is about creating a balance between textures, materials, and styles. Try to mix in a solitaire shape, like this moonstone ring, with simple textured bands in both silver and gold. Adding in a diamond vintage band is a great way to add some sparkle. The best part is that your stack is uniquely you – no other customer is going to create exactly the same combo! A stack can also evolve over time, starting with two or three rings and adding more at your own pace. Another popular... Read More

New York, New York

August 17, 2015
by Lindsay Olson & Lauren Wolf
Twice a year, we travel to New York to show new pieces from the Lauren Wolf Jewelry collection. We also get a chance to visit some of our favorite artists like Rebecca Overmann,Polly Wales, Melissa Joy Manning, and MQuan to pick up new goodies for the shop. We both used to live here – Lauren for eight years, Lindsay for three – so it’s always fun to come back and visit, especially in the summer. One of the major pluses to staying in Chelsea is walking home along the High Line, picking up pizza at Co., and dining on our roof deck overlooking this gorgeous, bustling city. The only thing missing is a selfie stick.

Thanks for Coming

August 10, 2015
by Esqueleto Team
From left to right: Jimmy, Lauren Wolf, Lindsay, Alexis, Sonia, Danica We had such a great time on Saturday evening as we celebrated the launch of Esqueleto L.A. with some of our favorite clients and friends. To all those who came out and made the night special, thanks so much! If you couldn’t make it to the party, make sure to stop by the Echo Park location & say hello!

Heather Levine’s Studio

August 3, 2015
by Alexis Adams
I always love visiting Heather Levine’s magical, light-filled studio, her whimsical clay creations filling rack after rack with ceramic goodness. Heather’s work is full of dichotomies: equal parts mid-century craft and modern design sensibility, natural forms and geometric precision, delicate balance and chunky ceramic heft. All in all, her work maintains a thoroughly “Californian” vibe across all formats. We’ve carried her bold wall hangings for years, but on this visit I left with an entire little forest of quirky conical luminaries. The new style fits right in with the aesthetic of our Los Angeles store.