The Baller
A woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take it. Lauren has an eye for the super luxe and truly special. One look at her personal collection reveals her Boss Lady status.
The Dreamer
Creative, curious, and laid-back, Rachel's personality is seamlessly integrated into her effortless style. Whether teaching a ceramics class, road tripping up the coast, or catching the latest exhibit at SF Moma, Esqueleto's resident artist exudes cool, calm, California elegance.
Femme Fatale
Channeling the art rock heroines of the late 60's and 70's, Alexis wouldn't be caught dead without her rose gold and black diamonds. She pairs delicate and powerful adornments - pretty, feminine, and just a touch dangerous.
Girl Next Door
Never one to blindly follow a trend, Kayla sticks to timeless pieces that are destined to become future heirlooms. You can spot her in everyday classics that are sweet and sincere- with a generous sprinkling of diamonds.
Material Girl
We are living in a material world, and Madeline is a material girl. With her art-world background, affinity for all black everything, and deep love for the 90s, Maddie focuses on pieces with striking forms, textures and materials that complement her fashion-forward aesthetic.
The Metalsmith
A self-proclaimed jewelry nerd, Isabel appreciates the craftsmanship and meticulous detail inherent in the art of traditional metalsmithing. With a keen eye for technical mastery, her aesthetic is refined yet dynamic, pairing classic forms with intricate settings and unusual stones.
The Modernist
Danica appreciates a modern classic in any form, be it art, philosophy, or music. Her sensibilities lean towards minimal, high design pieces that let the materials speak for themselves. She selects architectural works that are simple, but never simplistic.
Throwback Queen
Decked out in a mix of classic and funky vintage baubles, Sha-Ron never fails to make an entrance. Her infectious laugh and bold style are always the life of the party!
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