Staff Picks: The Urbanist

June 8, 2015
by Lindsay Olson
We asked Lindsay Olson (a.k.a. The Urbanist) to give us some more insight into why these items are her favorites for June. Lindsay is the designer behind Adeline Jewelry, and works at Esqueleto as Head of Production for Lauren Wolf Jewelry. Georgian Heritage Ring The oldest ring I’ve ever gotten to hold in my hands, from the late 1700’s. I was with Lauren when she bought it for the shop and it took our breath away – we had never seen a ring like this before; the cut of that diamond and the way it has been set are unreal. I love imagining all of the different wearers throughout the last two hundred years as the ring was passed on from hand to hand, eventually landing in our... Read More


June 2, 2015
by Kayla Ogden
We couldn’t be more excited to have Afton Love’s new work showing in our Oakland gallery from Friday, June 5th – August 5th! Afton Love is an Oakland based artist working with themes involving preservation and memory. Her work is developed through a unique process involving graphite powder and wax, creating drawings and installations that articulate a landscape that is both highly specific and nearly abstract. Subtle gradations of tonality evoke both absence and presence, with the power to suggest experience rather than define it. Her drawings and installations range in scale from intimate to ambitiously expansive, imparting a sense of both power and loss in connection to... Read More


May 25, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
(Photographed above, from top-left: Earth Tu Face Blue Chamomile + Carrot Seed Face Serum, Earth Tu Face Palma Rosa + Aloe Face Wash (Travel Size), Shawn Burke Black Minuscule Pouch, Lauren Wolf Stingray Goddess Necklace, Ali Golden Black Silk Side-Gathered Dress, Melissa Joy Manning Keshi Pearl Studs, Shawn Burke Leather Jewelry Roll, R + Co Rockaway Salt Spray) I’ve been engaged to my favorite person for over a year and a half, so it’s little crazy to realize that I will now be getting married in less than a week (?!?!?!!!!!). We’re getting ourselves over to France (my fiancé’s motherland) with just a few days to spare before we do this thing, so I’m trying to force myself to... Read More

Workout Playlist

May 18, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
Mondays and exercise: both can be difficult to face (for us, anyways), both can be made considerably easier with the perfect soundtrack. Brilliant DJ duo Chances with Wolves (out of East Village Radio) always come through with incredible mixes to guide us through the workweek. Since we already play them incessantly in the shop, we got pretty excited when we heard they just released a mix for runners on MixCloud. Kenan Juska of Chances is an avid runner himself, and sets the perfect tempo with two whopping hours of energetic, mood-lifting cuts from all over the sonic spectrum. This might be the Monday motivation we need to wake up, grab our gym bag, and get to stepping: Pavement Bound... Read More


May 13, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
We are enamored with the darkly romantic feel of Edwardian jewelry, which draws from both classical and period-current design inspirations. We’re quick to snatch up these pieces whenever we find them. Apart from their intrinsic beauty, they offer a fascinating look into a short but very rich place in time. The Edwardian era refers to the brief period in Europe between 1900 and 1910 when Edward VII sat on the British throne. And although it was a brief stint in history, it was an important period for arts and culture that gave birth to such iconic movements as Art Nouveau, Fauvism, and early Cubism. Europe was still precariously rooted in the structures of the past, but ripe for change on... Read More


May 7, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
If you’re like us (hopefully not?) you vow each year to get a gift to mom in plenty of time, only to find yourself scrambling on Friday before to get something shipped out overnight or make a last-minute brunch reservation. So instead of chiding you for your tardiness, we’re just going to offer some sisterly suggestions. Here’s a gathering of last-minute gifts to thank the superstar women in our lives. White Freshwater Pearl Studs by Lauren Wolf Jewelry A classic pearl stud with the perfect hint of edge. Pebble Double Drop Necklace by Lou Zeldis For the free-spirited mama who knows what’s what. Single Strand Pyrite Bracelet by Lauren Wolf This delicate piece is dark,... Read More

Beyond the Band

May 4, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
Ah, the classic wedding day ensemble: a blushing bride in a dress that requires the help of several attendants, a veil, some pearl earrings, and two (count em’, two) meaningful rings. Perusing bridal boards on Pinterest and reading even the more unique wedding blogs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many brides rocking more than a wedding band and their engagement ring on the big day. While we love the symbolism of these two rings and can get behind a minimal wedding look, if simple and subdued has never been your thing, why play it down on your wedding day? There is possibly no better moment to share your most beloved version of yourself with your partner and favorite people. And if... Read More

Matthew Craven

April 27, 2015
Matthew Craven’s space/time series currently occupies our desert-like gallery in Oakland, California. This series deconstructs old images from text books, and then re-assembles them back onto the book page to create a new history. Matthew Craven is a Brooklyn-based artist who uses historical images as a backdrop for his collages and drawings. Craven synthesizes historical images from lost cultures, relics, archaeological remains as well as images from the cosmos, both well known and extremely ambiguous, to create the abstract patterns and narratives in his works. By doing so he reconfigures the original historical narrative and he creates his own myths that induce a new connection to... Read More

Top Ten Engagement Rings

April 20, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
There’s so much that goes in to choosing out the perfect engagement ring- whether it’s a surprise proposal or something you decide to pick out together as a couple. “The Ring” carries some pretty incredible symbolism, so it’s only fair that it be a true reflection of you and your partner. Running the gambit from super sweet and delicate to some serious bling, here are our top rings to get your journey started: The Ritual Ring by MANIAMANIA This absolutely stunning number features a .75ct pear-shaped rose cut champagne diamond crowned by 0.24ct of 2mm round white and gray diamonds. The side diamonds connect with a beautifully constructed split band, pave set... Read More

Polly Wales

April 13, 2015
by Danica Stamenic
Anyone who has had the pleasure to put a Polly Wales ring on their finger will tell you that they have a special, gravitational power. Lost in time, Polly’s pieces seem fit for a Roman Empress or Babylonian Queen as much as a modern day bride. Polly’s background as a sculptor comes through in each hand-carved, intricately textured piece, showcasing her line’s unique cast-in-place method, where gold is melted around the diamonds and other precious stones to give an enchanting irregularity to each piece (“like geodes split open as stones break through at random points to penetrate the surface of the gold,” says Polly). Her insanely gorgeous Garbo Ring and Baguette Diamond... Read More