Leo Inspiration
July 24, 2017
by Jessie Zechnowitz


This week the Sun and new moon enter Leo, ushering in eclipse season, which is all about transformation and growth. Leo the lion is a fire sign ruled by the sun, and is known to be courageous, romantic, and generous. Leos inspire us to be big-hearted and unafraid to express ourselves. Lions are regal royalty, and we have some fierce adornments to enrich your feline nature!

      • Silver-Signet

        Leo Signet
        by Talon
        This silver signet stamped with Leo will have you feeling ferocious whether the lion is your astrological sign, or you’re just a badass.

      • TigerCuff

        Tiger Cuff
        The ultimate power piece for any femme fatale. Enter the cave of wonders with this vintage treasure, circa 1902.

      • SunrayEarrings

        Sunray Earrings
        by Scosha
        Here comes the sun! Leo is ruled by the brightest star in the sky, and these sunny hunnies are sure to brighten up your life.

      • NorthDiamondRing

        True North Diamond Ring
        by Adeline
        Let the stars be your guide – Adeline’s north star diamond ring lights the way. This blazing beauty features a .27ct gray diamond nested in a lion’s mane of sunny rays.

      • ThreeDiamondRing

        Three Diamond Ring
        by Lauren Wolf Jewelry
        Leos love opulence, and this spectacular diamond ring is a major sparkler. One of a kind, with a 2.36 carat center stone, it’s the height of splendor.

      • MQuan

        Moon Phase Dagger
        by MQuan
        This ceramic dagger is a weapon of transformation that honors Manjushri, the Boddhisattva of Wisdom. Let it cut through ignorance and ego by placing it in your altar or dwelling.

      • TigerLocket

        Vintage Tiger Locket
        Ruby eyes for the win! Carry a keepsake close to your heart in this locket protected by an iconic wild cat.

      • MQuanWallHanging

        Wall Hanging
        by Heather Levine
        Evocative of the phases of the moon, peak your lunar receptiveness with this one of a kind wall hanging in ombre stoneware.

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