Aries Inspiration
April 3, 2017
by Alexis Adams


Spring is officially here, and we’re feeling all things Aries right now! The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is often equated symbolically with the season, representing all the vitality, new growth, and sexy stamina of a welcome springtime after a long winter. Aries is a Fire sign, ruled by Mars, and as such is full of energy, passion, courage and a zest for life. Here are some of our fav pieces for those fierce, self-assured, adventurous Aries.

      • AriesSignet

        Aries Signet
        by Talon
        Emily Hirsh, the talented designer behind the Talon Zodiac line, has created a beautifully detailed rendering of a ram, the strong and stubborn astrological symbol of the Aries house.

      • TopazRing

        Topaz & Diamond Halo Ring
        Combining the Aries zodiac birthstone (topaz) with the traditional April birthstone (diamond) this vintage stunner is literally glowing with vibrant energy.

      • SpiritWarrior

        Spirit Warrior Necklace
        Communion by Joy
        Aries are strong-willed and courageous, with a warrior’s spirit. This glowing white sapphire necklace from Communion is just the thing to bring out this strength in its wearer.

      • WildFireRing

        Wildfire Ring
        by Scosha
        This petite ring from Scosha packs a mighty punch with a glowing drop of orange wildfire garnet, perfect for this fiery house!

      • BloodstoneEarrings

        Bloodstone Drop Earrings
        Melissa Joy Manning
        Another powerful stone associated with the Aries house is bloodstone, and these incredible one of a kind drop earrings by Melissa Joy Manning use it to great effect, paired with powerful opals and set in 14k gold..

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