New Mommy Approved
February 20, 2017
by Danica Stamenic


When I was pregnant, I was constantly smiling and nodding while veteran parents told me that nothing could prepare me for the journey ahead. I would smile and nod and moms and dads told me to enjoy my sleep while I could, and enjoy my free time- I was about to have very little of either. Of course, as most parents-to-be, I assumed that somehow things would be different for me. When I thought about my upcoming mom identity, I pictured something akin to Jane Birkin- effortlessly chic (making disheveled look so good), with a baby in one arm and a market basket on the other. Of course, the reality has been far more messy, challenging, and beautiful- just as I was warned. Still, there’s nothing like a few well placed pieces of jewelry to make you feel (somewhat) pulled together and radiant, even on the most sleep-deprived days. Here are a few of my top picks for day to day wear, and I continue to step into this new mom identity.

      • ScoshaBracelet

        Diamond Friendship Bracelet
        by Scosha
        This comfy leave-on piece doesn’t irritate my baby when I hold her and looks amazing whether I’m in sweats or have mustered the energy to put on real clothes.

      • OpalStuds

        Gold Opal Studs
        by Lauren Wolf Jewelry
        Opal for my October baby! These studs are the perfect size to wear every day and frame the face with a subtle, iridescent glimmer. Also a plus: they’re small enough that my baby isn’t tempted to pull them out (ouch).

      • Chain

        Victorian Chain
        I am a gold chain girl- I normally wear at least one, if not several, every day. Obviously this becomes a challenge when a pair of little hands are grabbing everything in sight. A gorgeous, vintage Albert chain has been on my covet list for quite some time, and is sturdy enough to survive the occasional tug.

      • RoseSignet

        Rose Gold Shield Ring
        This signet ring is perfect as-is, but I also love the idea of getting my daughter’s initial engraved on the face and one day handing it down. Either way, I’d size it down and rock it as a pinky ring!

      • Bag

        Extra Large Tote
        by Jenny Pennywood
        A killer bag (designed by a mom!) that is totally big enough for the massive amount of stuff you don’t realize you’re going to have to haul around with your babe (see first paragraph). Or a relaxing trip to the beach- because we can dream, right?

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