Pisces Inspiration

February 20, 2018
by Grace Wilcox
As winter thaws into spring, we find ourselves swimming into Pisces season. Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune, making them sensitive, intuitive, and deeply emotive – and for those reasons, easily overstimulated. As a water sign, it’s important for a Pisces to have a calm space to escape to for meditation, contemplation, and restoration. Though it can be hard to pin a Pisces down since they tend to ebb and flow with their feelings, they are selfless and willing to help and empathize with those they love. Keep scrolling to peruse a few of our Pisces-inspired picks. DIAMOND SEA ANEMONE RING by Kimberlin Brown This 14k gold ring, cast in a sea anemone shape and dotted with... Read More

Shop Local this Valentine’s Day // ESQUELETO x Crimson

February 13, 2018
by Jessie Zechnowitz
This Valentine’s Day, ESQUELETO Oakland is partnering with our favorite florist and neighbor, Crimson Horticultural Rarities. Here’s the lowdown: make a $250+ in-store purchase at ESQUELETO on or before Valentine’s Day (Wednesday, February 14th) and receive a complimentary $35 bouquet from Crimson – to be picked up at Crimson between February 12-14th. Romance your sweetheart with a classic amorous pairing of jewels and flowers, and feel good about your purchases by shopping local! P.S. This sweet deal is only available while supplies last, so hustle over to our Oakland shop. ESQUELETO Oakland 482 A 49th St. Oakland, CA 94609 Crimson Horticultural Rarities 470 49th St. Oakland, CA... Read More

Gifts for the one you love // Valentine’s day

February 6, 2018
by Grace Wilcox
It’s officially February, the season of love. To help you celebrate we’ve rounded up some special pieces to be gifted to your loved one – or yourself! Below you’ll find rubies, hearts, diamonds and more! RUBY SLICE EARRINGS by Lauren Wolf Jewelry Two inches high, these ruby slice statement earrings are Valentine’s Day approved with their earthy tones of muted purple and dusty pink. TRIPLE SQUARE GRAY DIAMOND STUDS by Melissa Joy Manning If you’re aiming to truly dazzle your Valentine, these 18k white gold studs each featuring 3 gray diamonds will definitely do the trick. VINTAGE HEART OF GOLD RING Gift this heart shaped signet ring as is... Read More