Megan & Zach

January 17, 2017
by Kayla Andrews
Zach worked with Lauren Wolf to create this beautiful and sentimental ring for his partner, Megan. Lauren added vibrant garnets to her iconic three stone setting to make a truly special custom engagement ring for the happy couple. Kayla: You did a custom project with Lauren Wolf for Megan’s engagement ring. What inspired you to do that? Zach: Not long after we started dating (May 2013) Megan showed me the Instagram account for Lauren Wolf Jewelry and she mentioned that she really liked the style of her work. I made a note of it along with any other ring/jewelry information that I could casually extract out of her over the next 3 years. I knew that she would want something... Read More

Spotlight Rebecca Overmann

November 21, 2016
by Lindsay Olson
When I first started working at Esqueleto five years ago (crazy!) Rebecca Overmann was the first artist I met. A longtime friend of Lauren’s, she dropped by the shop on a Saturday and though I was a bit star struck at first, I was immediately captured by her warmth and devious smile. She’s become a good friend since then, and I’ve enjoyed watching her collection grow and evolve over the years. Nothing has been more fun, however, than getting to hang with Lauren and Rebecca together. Whether it’s sharing a bottle of wine on a rooftop in New York, or visiting with our favorite stone dealers in Tucson, those two have an infectious energy and sense of humor that make you feel lucky to... Read More


October 24, 2016
Our LA store manager, Alexis Adams, curated five gorgeous stacks for the LANE this week! Here’s a peak: The Wild at Heart This stack is for the gypsy, the nomadic soul who is guided by the light of the silver moon along the road less traveled. Imbued with the untamed essence of the serpent, ancient symbol of intuitive wisdom, she is fueled by an unquenchable wanderlust for far off lands and exotic experiences.The voyager’s spirit is expressed in this wild stack by pairing shimmering white gold with edgy black diamonds and animalistic sculpture. Enchanting vintage-style settings are updated for the modern warrior with claw-like prongs and cloudy diamonds. Top to bottom: 1. Lauren... Read More

Engagement for Every Budget

October 17, 2016
by Alexis Adams
$990 – HEXAGON BROWN DIAMOND RING Our most popular engagement ring! Satomi’s signature brown diamond hexagon style, in an accessible carat weight and price point. The distinctive black rhodium detailing gives this tiny ring a mighty impact.   $1,980 – SPLIT LOVE DIAMOND RING This ring is one of the most unique, original designs in the shop. Modern, architectural, and just a bit dangerous, this ring will definitely stand out from the crowd.   $2,800 – QUINTET RING A sleek and ultra-wearable ring for the bride who doesn’t want a big solitaire. Five hexagon-cut gray diamonds set in a wide polished band exude understated... Read More

Staff Stacks

October 10, 2016
by Lindsay, Alexis & Sha-Ron
THE URBANIST STACK Always drawn to interesting architectural shapes, I created a stack that’s clean, edgy and geometric, with just a whisper of raw texture. Saturn Ring: One of my favorites from my own collection, Adeline Jewelry, the Saturn ring is a playful experiment in shape and form. I love the versatility of the asymmetrical knife edge. Braid Ring: Katrina’s braid rings are simply the perfect addition to any stack. In this case, the soft texture warms and softens the stark lines of the other rings. Black Diamond Eternity Band: Make no mistake – Lauren Wolf knows how to design a badass ring. This one, with its spiky black diamonds, toughens up my finger with a... Read More

Katie & Ryan

September 19, 2016
by Kayla Andrews
I worked with Katie’s fiancé, Ryan, when he was shopping with us for her engagement ring. He really wanted to propose at a special barbecue on the weekend so we made sure that he received the ring in time. I could tell he was making a huge effort to preserve the surprise element of his proposal. When Katie e-mailed us to express her love of her new engagement ring I took the opportunity to learn a little more about the couple. Kayla: When your fiancé, Ryan, contacted us to inquire after your engagement ring, he was confident that the 3 Diamond Rose Gold Ring by Lauren Wolf would suit your style. How would you describe your style? Katie: My style is bohemian, so when I first saw... Read More

Lauren Wolf Jewelry Lookbook

September 12, 2016
Our team recently travelled to a foggy beach in Malibu to shoot the Fall Lookbook for Lauren Wolf Jewelry with photographer Champagne Victoria. Here are a few of our favorite shots. The rest can be found here.

Michael & Chelsea

August 8, 2016
by Kayla Andrews
ESQUELETO owner Lauren Wolf recently worked with Michael on his custom project. Throughout the process I heard the team singing his praises. They said he was a really nice person and fun to work with. I thought I’d reach out and see what he thought of the custom process and if he’d recommend it to others. Here’s what he said: Kayla: You worked with Lauren Wolf to create a custom ring for your partner, Chelsea. What was the ring for? What made you decide to do a custom ring? Michael: I worked with Lauren to make Chelsea’s engagement ring. I had searched extensively, both at shops in New York and online and actually found a ring that I really liked, but when it arrived... Read More

Start Your Stack

July 25, 2016
by Alexis Adams
While we at ESQUELETO firmly believe that rules are made to be broken, there are some things to consider when building the stack of your dreams. Before you invest consider these tips: MIX THOSE METALS! You don’t need to stick to just one tone. A well-balanced stack will include a mix of yellow, rose and white gold. A bright pop of gleaming platinum or edgy oxidized silver can add the visual interest you need to make or break a perfect stack.     NESTLE UP! When playing with different silhouettes and larger statement rings, look for these perfect stackables to nest in between. Katrina LaPenne’s angled archer ring is our fav to pair with vintage diamonds,... Read More

Stone Setting Basics

July 11, 2016
by Lindsay Olson
Lauren, Isabel (Esqueleto’s amazingly talented in-house jeweler), and I are traveling North up the California coast to take an intensive stone setting workshop at the Mendocino Arts Center. No doubt we will return with a plethora of new skills and inspiration for our designs. Below are some examples of different styles of settings, all of which you can find in the cases and online at Esqueleto! Pavé Most commonly seen in wedding bands, the pavé style of setting is achieved by closely aligning small diamonds together and securing them with tiny metal beads or prongs. The term comes from the French verb “to pave,” and well, who wouldn’t want their jewelry paved with... Read More