Scorpio Styling

November 13, 2017
by Grace Wilcox
As the Fall transitions into Winter we find ourselves in the season of the Scorpio. Scorpios are determined, decisive, natural born leaders. Though a Scorpio is a calm and cool water sign on the outside, they are born fierce with the rules of the universe embedded at their core. The mysterious scorpios are also the most sensual sign of the zodiac and value intimacy and faithfulness. Read on for some Scorpio-inspired pieces available in our shop. Ten Stone Diamond Fan Stone by Lauren Wolf Jewelry This bold, one-of-a-kind Lauren Wolf Jewelry ring is comprised of 4.74 carats of pear shaped and round rose cut gray diamonds and exemplifies the fire within the... Read More

Ghoulish Gems + Bewitching Baubles

October 23, 2017
by Alexis Adams
Ghouls and goblins, skulls and serpents… We are fast approaching All Hallows Eve, our favorite time of the year! Here are some of the most spellbinding adornments and objects in our shop, sure to bewitch all who lay eyes upon them. Silver Ouroboros Snake Ring by Anthony Lent Jewelry An ancient Egyptian symbol of the underworld, the ouroboros later became synonymous with alchemy and magic in medieval European tradition. Wear this diamond-eyed silver charm to represent nature’s infinite cycle of creation and destruction, life and death. Oval Diamond Solitaire by Lauren Wolf Jewelry An evil eye for a witchy woman, this 4.25ct oval shaped diamond by Lauren Wolf Jewelry... Read More

Push Gift Ideas

July 31, 2017
by Alexis Adams
Did you know that more babies are born in August than any other month? We think new moms are totally magic, and deserving of a little something special for themselves as they usher a wee little life into the world. Here are some of our favorite special (and practical) items for new mothers. Spirit Warrior Ring by Communion by Joy She IS a warrior – honor her boundless loving spirit with Communion By Joy’s artful white sapphire ring. Bar Studs by Kaylin Hertel Delicate necklaces and dangly earrings are a no-go for new moms – far too enticing for curiously grabbing infant hands! Instead opt for simple studs like these elegant 14k gold bars by Kaylin... Read More

Future Heirlooms

July 3, 2017
by Alexis Adams
One of my favorite parts of the shop is the vintage jewelry section. I love fantasizing about who might have worn each piece – the ceremonies it commemorated, the parties it attended, how many times it was passed down to heirs before ending up in ESQUELETO’s collection. One of the beautiful things about fine jewelry is its enduring nature. This week I speculated about which contemporary pieces might end up as timeless treasures many years down the road. Here I’ve gathered ten items that stand out, because of their unique designs and beautiful materials, as those super special future heirlooms. Three Diamond Ring Lauren Wolf Jewelry The most fought-over heirloom is always... Read More

Staff Picks: The Stargazer

June 12, 2017
by Mari Feldman
This month is all about duality. June plays host to the winter and summer solstices, revealing two faces depending on our position to the equator. To honor this theme, I’ve chosen pieces with conceptual contrasts, and elements of balanced opposition. Inlay Skull Studs by Anthony Lent Skull studs made with 18k yellow gold inlaid into oxidized sterling silver. Coat of Arms Ring Vintage Signet ring from the early 1900’s. 18K yellow gold shank with platinumn seal: coat of arms. . Diamond Shark Tooth Necklace by Pade Vavra One of a kind. 50 million year-old Mako shark tooth pendant with .54 carats of diamonds set on a 14K yellow gold... Read More

Kreh Mellick in Oakland

June 5, 2017
by Danica Stamenic
Kreh Mellick’s new gouache and cut paper works unfold (literally and figuratively) like entrancing fables on the wall. Using imagery and pattern work that draws from ancient through contemporary folk art traditions, these pieces seem both timeless and very much grounded in the present. The fantastical subjects of these paintings a( tower of happy animals or a winged female head,) take on a mythology of their own. None of them reference a known story, but all seem familiar- empowering the viewer to craft their own tale. Her use of the inky gouache is nuanced and varied, creating a range of tonalities that make her work feel incredibly colorful and dynamic, even in grayscale. Most of... Read More

New Work: Luke Forsyth

April 24, 2017
by Alexis Adams
  I am very excited about the current gallery installation we have up in the Los Angeles shop. California native and L.A.-based painter Luke Forsyth has created a series of acrylic-on-panel works inspired by our state’s iconic Interstate-5, affectionately known to Californians as simply “The 5.” Somewhere along the 5 features works based on moments strewn along the 5 freeway in California. The imagery in each painting signify the quotidian: a tag from a coat purchased at a thrift store; an embroidery from the artist’s mother’s kitchen; a rendering of a place both hated and comfortable, and ultimately from where the artist collects his visions. I chatted with Luke a bit... Read More

Valentines Gifts

February 7, 2017
by Alexis Adams
Valentine’s Day is just one week away! Make sure to order your special someone something special to arrive in time for a sweet surprise. TINY HEART & KEY NECKLACE by Luana Coonen A perennial favorite here at ESQUELETO, this itty bitty anatomical heart and golden key are symbolically sweet without being overly saccharine. Hexagon Ruby Ring by Satomi Kawakita Evocative of passion and romance, rubies make an excellent choice to honor St. Valentine. This classic hexagon ring from Satomi Kawakita will be treasured for a lifetime. Gold Flying Heart Studs by Anthony Lent Jewelry When your love walks into the room, does your heart go all aflutter? These dreamy... Read More

Staff Picks: The Metalsmith

November 7, 2016
by Isabel Dennis
Every ear needs an everyday earring. We have plenty of pretty gold basics – and some more adventurous options, too. Mixed Metal Starburst Studs I could put these in my ears and never, ever take them off. I love the simple geometry and the neutral-but-interesting mix of 18k gold and silver. The earring equivalent of a perfectly worn-in pair of designer jeans. Gold & Turquoise Radiant Eye Studs MQuan uses age-old symbology in her work – moons, eyes, constellations. She describes her eye designs as “about looking deeply even if it is not convenient. Made of converging lines radiating inward and out [they represent] our self and our collective universal... Read More

Stone Setting Basics

July 11, 2016
by Lindsay Olson
Lauren, Isabel (Esqueleto’s amazingly talented in-house jeweler), and I are traveling North up the California coast to take an intensive stone setting workshop at the Mendocino Arts Center. No doubt we will return with a plethora of new skills and inspiration for our designs. Below are some examples of different styles of settings, all of which you can find in the cases and online at Esqueleto! Pavé Most commonly seen in wedding bands, the pavé style of setting is achieved by closely aligning small diamonds together and securing them with tiny metal beads or prongs. The term comes from the French verb “to pave,” and well, who wouldn’t want their jewelry paved with... Read More